Nobody bought it this time because it was late then: Richardson | IPL 2022

MELBOURNE (Reuters) – Australian bowler Kane Richardson has said he will not be buying into the IPL’s star auction this season as it will be a setback for Kovid, who returned home halfway through the season for fear of expanding during the 14th season. According to Richardson, the reason he returned home halfway through last season was because no one had bought him at the IPL star auction this time.

Australia’s Royal Challengers Bangalore’s captain Kane Richardson and spinner Adam Sampa were named in the squad for the 14th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL). However, as the season progressed and Kovid spread in India, the duo stopped halfway through the tournament and returned home. And then at this year’s mega star auction, no one bought the two at auction.

‘I was shocked that no one bought Sampa and me this time. To be honest, we talked about this when we came back halfway through last season. I told Sampa that if we were thrown halfway like this it would backfire on us later. But back then, we didn’t care. I was in a hurry to get to Australia anyway, ”said Richardson.

‘Everyone must have been reluctant to buy us this time because it was dropped halfway through last season. They may fear that we will do the same this time around. I’m sure we’re halfway there that day, this time around, ” Richardson said.

‘I say what I feel in my mind about this. No teams or their representatives have approached us in this regard. But I guess this is the reason. The year before that, I had skipped the IPL due to the birth of a baby, ”said Richardson.

‘What has happened in the last two seasons may have affected my credibility. But the truth is that this is not me. I always try to do the best I can. But the events of the last two seasons have blown me away. But I do not need such credibility, ”he added.

English Summary: Leaving India early last year might be reason behind me, Zampa going unsold, says Kane Richardson

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