“North Macedonia Roaring Mouse” – 2024-05-22 01:52:51

Nikos Dendias throughout his speech to the International Affairs and Protection Committee of the Parliament he described North Macedonia as a “roaring mouse”.

He additionally identified that the “dangerous time” won’t come from North Macedonia, however from a rustic with ten instances the inhabitants.

“We, sadly, I all the time say, do not let the dangerous time come, however the dangerous time could come. And naturally the dangerous time won’t come from North Macedonia, the mouse that has been roaring for the previous couple of days. It’ll come from a rustic with ten instances the inhabitants, with 4 instances the GDP. which signifies that if we do not notice that we’ve to be at an amazingly good degree, we can’t succeed, and all of us have a giant duty in the direction of that. And I’m possessed by an awesome anxiousness. I have never hidden it from you. In spite of everything, most of you have got recognized me for a few years and you recognize that I say what I really feel” he characteristically mentioned to finish…

“As Greece, we wouldn’t have the luxurious of safety that the remainder of the Western nations have, or most of them. We’re coping with a rustic with 4 instances the gross nationwide product. If we don’t work very diligently, we won’t succeed. And we’ve to start out at present. And we’re a few years late.”

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