Not a single one comes out! Piqué’s accounts frozen due to corruption investigation .- For several months the authorities have been tracking an alleged case of corruption in Spanish football. Gerard Piqué’s name has been splashed.

And such is the complication that Shakira’s ex is experiencing that his accounts would have been frozen, to prevent him from having access to a few million euros from Saudi Arabia.

They investigate interference by Kosmos in the choice of the venue for the Spanish Super Cup

Due to the alleged crimes of “unfair administration and money laundering”, Spanish authorities are carrying out the investigation in which the company Kosmos Football has been implicated.

According to international media, they are analyzing the contract between the RFEF, Kosmos and Sela Company Spor, through which they negotiated the celebration of the Super Cup in Saudi Arabia in 2019.

Piqué alleges “disproportionate measure”

Three million euros would be the commission that Kosmos would receive from the Saudis, after achieving the negotiation that brought one of the most important matches in Spanish football to the Middle East.

That is why a judge has made the decision to request the freezing of the former footballer’s accounts, since first the legal origin of the financial compensation that the former Barcelona defender would receive must be verified.

The Andorra Football Club, owned by Piqué, would also be in the crosshairs.

The father of Shakira’s children alleges the measure is unfair and disproportionate, which is why he requests that the case be lifted…

We are waiting to hear the judge’s decision… will she ratify the measure or change her mind?

2024-04-24 06:58:20
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