“Nothing but laughter can cause”

Former member of the Tatu music group Yulia Volkova shocked Internet users with a video about her desire to go into politics. Judging by the video, the 36-year-old singer has specific intentions to run for the State Duma from the Ivanovo region. On the Web, the new beginning of the “zero” stars, for the most part, was not appreciated. Many users began to criticize the appearance of the artist, with whom she was going to become the face and voice of the people.

How did Volkova’s music business colleagues react? Teleprogramma.pro interviewed some well-known industry representatives and collected their opinions on the bold idea of ​​the former “Tatu”.

For example, songwriter and well-known lawyer Katya Gordon, who has previously stated that she wants to participate in presidential elections, did not criticize Julia. But about the people who helped make her campaign video, the human rights activist spoke quite sharply.

“This is a terrifying video that can cause nothing but laughter. And even if Julia wants to sincerely go into politics, then this cannot be released. Who wrote this text? You turn on the video and from the very first “notes” you feel that everyone is lying, “said Gordon.

She was not opposed to Volkova becoming a deputy, but she believes that the beginning of her political career has already turned out to be a failure due to a bad video. In addition, the well-known lawyer noted that it was necessary to start not with loud words, but with specific cases. For example, go to the Ivanovo region and live with local residents, delving into their problems. And also, according to Katya, it was necessary to come to the podium with specific political initiatives, and not just with good intentions.

The respondents also Yuri Loza and Iosif Prigozhin expressed that professionals who know economics and law should work in the State Duma, and the competence of the former vocalist of Tatu is questionable.

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