Nour Al-Falah, Al Pacino’s friend, appeared in Los Angeles with her family

2023-06-14 23:02:57

Kuwaiti producer Nour Al-Falah, 29-year-old friend of star Al Pacino, was seen in Los Angeles with her family while awaiting the arrival of the first child of her boyfriend, the 83-year-old veteran actor.

Nour Al-Falah in Los Angeles

Nour Al-Falah, the friend of the legendary star Al Pacino, was seen in Los Angeles, waiting for the arrival of her first child, after announcing her pregnancy in the past few days.

Noor appeared Al-Falah, who has been dating Al Pacino since the outbreak of the epidemic, has been accompanied by her sister and mother on various outings over the past few days..

And even though she was eight months pregnant, she didn’t show a bump in a black T-shirt.

View of Nour Al-Falah

While out with her mom and sister in Beverly Hills, Nour Al-Falah kept her comfy in sweatpants FreeCity button-down jacket, and sneakers.

Al-Falah strolled along the sidewalk with a bottle of water and a mobile phone while her mother and sister were nearby. AndIn the end, she came out of the pharmacy with several shopping bags in her hand.

Earlier, Nour enjoyed a coffee break with her mother while they were out, and she looked gorgeous in a black dress.

The news of Nour Al-Falah’s pregnancy

Last month, Al Pacino shocked the world when it was revealed that his 29-year-old partner was eight months pregnant with their first child together..

After the announcement, some sources revealed that Al Pacino demanded that Nour Al-Falah take a DNA test to prove that the child was his, as he believed that he could not make any woman pregnant.

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But the sources also revealed that the analysis proved that Al Pacino is the father.

Although their child will be Noor’s first, Al Pacino has already fathered three more children with two women — 22-year-old twins, Olivia and Anton, with ex-partner Beverly D’Angelo, and a daughter, 33, with ex Jan Tarrant..

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