Now watch the series, The Resurrection of Othman, episode 79, complete and subtitled, on the Turkish ITV channel

The Resurrection of Othman series, Episode 79, complete and subtitled in Arabic, on the Love Story website. All followers of the series are awaiting the Resurrection of the founder Othman, which is one of the most followed Turkish series and competes with all other Turkish series, and the founder series Othman H79 is shown every Wednesday on the Turkish ATV channel. In the Turkish language at exactly nine o’clock in the evening Cairo time and ten in the evening Mecca time, but the 79th episode of the series “The Resurrection of Othman bin Artgrel” with an Arabic translator will be repeated on a love story after the end of the official episode only one hour, and through our website we review with you through this article the events of the Resurrection series Othman H79 through the following lines.

The Osman Resurrection series, episode 79, complete

We are still following with you exciting events and details in the third season of the series The Resurrection of the Founder Othman, which completes his father’s path in the struggle to establish the Ottoman Empire for the Turks. His younger brother, Gunduz, behaves very freely in his absence and appoints himself as the chief of the tribe, but Mr. Othman’s wives confront him and announce his coming soon.

Episode 79 of the Othman Resurrection series

It is worth mentioning that Othman had tried to escape with his warriors while he was going with the soldiers of the Seljuk minister Alam Shah, through Goktog doing a evasion of the soldiers and he was able to escape, but Othman, with one of the soldiers of the Minister Alam Shah, will try to reach Sultan Masoud to tell him the truth of Shah’s knowledge and take Othman is his revenge for those who harmed you, and more interesting events we will discuss with you in the founder Othman.

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