Nox Releases Four New Hummer Series ARGB Fans

Nox expands the coolers catalog with the models: SLIM-FAN, Hummer X200, Hummer X140 y Hummer M-FANwhich want to be useful for different types of cooling needs by PC users, which also have an outstanding ARGB lighting to customize the setup.

Nox launches four new ARGB fans

These fans are developed to properly direct the airflow and dissipate heat from any PC case, with great cooling performance, low noise levels and great durability.

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Nox Hummer Slim Fan

This fan is 140mm in size and has 13 curved blades. NOX is confident that the number of blades can deliver a low noise level of 26dB, and can deliver 45.5 CFM airflow. The Slim Fan is priced at €12.90.

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Nox Hummer X200

This fan has a size of 200 mm and incorporates hydraulic bearing. The fan can offer a rotational speed of up to 800 RPM with a very low noise level. The illumination is of the ARGB type. The price is €14.90.

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Nox Hummer X140

Here we have another 200mm sized fan with about 7 curved blades. Nox is confident that this model is ultra-quiet with a maximum noise of 35 dB and an airflow that reaches 585 CFM. We also have an ARGB lighting.

The recommended price is €12.90.

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Nox Hummer M Fan

The latest fan presented is the M FAN, the quietest of all those announced to date. This 120mm fan can generate a maximum noise of 23dB at 1200RPM spin speed and 35.5CFM airflow.

The recommended price is €12.90.

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