Nursing and Medicine students are summoned for the “most important vaccination in history” – Télam

The call is aimed at students of the careers of Nursing and Medicine from all over the country.

The Government launched the call “10 thousand volunteers for the Covid-19 vaccination” intended for university students of nursing and medicine careers to be part of the vaccination campaign “Most important in Argentine history”, assured Carla Vizzotti, Secretary of Access to Health during the presentation of this initiative.

“We are living in an extraordinary situation and the response of the universities and the volunteers was really extraordinary,” said the official during the videoconference from Moscow, where she is with an official delegation finalizing details for the delivery of the doses of the Russian vaccine Sputnik V.

“The federal DetectAr (program) was a before and after, there were no recipes and each province articulated, defined its priorities, its needs, its specific situation and generated specific actions and now we are going for more, for this vaccination campaign that will be the most important in the history of Argentina “, said the specialist.

“Argentina has 56 public universities and part of their training is to participate in these great public policies”

Jaime Perczyk

“We are going to have to support vaccinators with everything that the vaccination process means in the context of a pandemic, with care, with the identification of the objective population, with different vaccines with different storage needs, the challenge that it comes is immense, “he added.

Likewise, he warned that although the vaccination process involves arduous work at the political, logistical and administrative level, all the instances of the national, provincial and municipal government are “working together to respond to this pandemic and we have high expectations that We will do well ”.

During the presentation of the initiative that will be carried out within the framework of the Activar (Comprehensive Territorial Accompaniment of Argentine Volunteering) program, the Secretary for University Policies, Jaime Perczyk, specified that “the Ministry of Health and the President (Alberto Fernández) are the ones who determine which are the sanitary policies for Argentina and the university has to be at the disposal of those policies ”.

“Argentina has 56 public universities and part of their training is to participate in these great public policies, we want to be part of the vaccination, we also want to vaccinate and immunize millions of Argentines at the same time. We believe that university students have to be an active part of that, to accompany everything that a vaccination process means, which is more than squeezing an injection, “said the official.


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