Nursing home scandal in Canada – “There were completely inhumane conditions”

31 dead and almost all nursing staff disappeared: In Québec, people in a home were partially stripped, undernourished, dehydrated or found in feces and urine.

Troubled times: The “Montreal Gazette” published seven pages full of obituaries on April 18.


A retirement home near Montreal has come into focus after the death of 31 residents within a few weeks in the Coronavirus crisis in Québec, Canada. Over the past three weeks, more and more frightening details of grievances in the Herron private old people’s home in Dorval have come to light. Almost all nurses had left the home when representatives of local health officials arrived there in late March. A class action lawsuit shows that a nurse and two nurses are said to have looked after 130 residents. The police and the Ministry of Health are investigating.

On March 26, a resident was taken to a hospital, where he was tested positive for the novel coronavirus and died. As a result, the local health authority tried to gain access to the home. It wasn’t until April 10th that it turned out that since March 13th, 31 people had died in the home, as the Prime Minister of Quebec, Francois Legault, explained. At least five of the dead were infected with the corona virus. The cause of death of the 26 others is still unclear. Legault spoke of “gross negligence” with regard to the old people’s home, as reported by local media.

Greetings from the criticized home: a woman in need of care beckons the photographer.

Greetings from the criticized home: a woman in need of care beckons the photographer.


A class action lawsuit filed on Friday paints a disturbing picture of the circumstances in the home. “The conditions were completely inhumane: some residents were undressed, severely malnourished, dehydrated, without their medication and left behind in their feces and urine, creating a smell that permeated the facility,” it says.

Of the 99 remaining Herron residents, 61 had tested positive for the coronavirus, the health authority CIUSSS said on request on Sunday. Some test results are still pending. In absolute terms, Québec is the province most affected by the Corona pandemic in Canada. According to official figures, there are more than 17,500 infections detected, 805 people died as a result.

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