ÖAMTC: Refueling significantly more expensive again

2023-08-02 08:54:31

The mobility club’s fuel price app helps you find the cheapest gas station

Vienna (OTS) Gasoline and diesel prices rose again significantly in July. The current fuel price check by the ÖAMTC shows that the liter Super has increased in price by nine cents to 1.64 euros from the beginning of the month to the end. The increase in diesel is even higher at ten cents: at the end of July, one paid 1.60 euros for a liter at domestic filling stations. If you compare the average prices for June with those for July, you can see an increase from 1.507 to 1.550 euros per liter for diesel and from 1.569 to 1.574 euros for petrol.

There were price increases at petrol stations not only in Austria, but in almost all European countries. In the popular holiday countries, however, these were significantly lower.


           Kroatien           Slowenien          Italien
Super Diesel Super Diesel Super Diesel
3. Juli 1,455 1,462 1,449 1,494 1,846 1,685
24. Juli 1,518 1,527 1,479 1,532 1,864 1,710
Anstieg um 0,063 0,065 0,030 0,039 0,018 0,025


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So if you are heading south in the near future, you should stop at a Slovenian gas station on your way to Croatia. When traveling to Italy, a stop at a local gas station far away from the motorway makes sense.

Due to regional differences and constantly changing prices for super and diesel, it is not easy for consumers to keep track. The most up-to-date prices can be found on the ÖAMTC website. Owners of iPhones and Android smartphones can also use the ÖAMTC app to get the cheapest fuel prices directly on their cell phones at any time. Tips on refueling and saving fuel can also be found here:

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