Objective Winter Games Milan-Cortina 2026

After surfing the wave of success of the Beijing Winter Olympics and to serve many more media outlets than was thought to exist, Queralt Castellet was finally able to fall asleep in the comfort of his room in the Olympic Village. Hold on to the pillow, review the round that earned him the silver medal, the fifth medal for Spanish winter sports at the Games, and try to rest a bit, before getting up and heading back to the halfpipe where hours before he had achieved glory. The rider of Sabadell I wanted to enjoy the masculine show of pipe and be present at the farewell of one of the greatest snowboarders, the North American Shaun Whitewho at 35 years old almost got on the podium (4th).

I think that I will be at the next Olympic Games in Milan-Cortina 2026, even more so being in Livigno, which is a mythical place and one of the Meccas of snowboarding.

Queralt Castellet

And it is that life for Queralt has no meaning without snowboarding, whether competing or enjoying the mountains, but always in the company of the board. “If he could, he would never stop snowboarding. The competition is the most and I am very happy with my ‘riding’. When I’m in the mountains I enjoy it”, pointed out the Catalan at the press conference of the Spanish Olympic Committee, in which she already highlighted that age (32 years) is not a burden in her sport. “What counts is the ‘riding’. Age doesn’t matter, and this is the most beautiful thing about our sport”. Hence, when the president of the Royal Spanish Winter Sports Federation May Peus He asked her if she would be at the next Olympic event, she replied that she was willing to defend Beijing tooth and nail in Milan-Cortina 2026, an appointment he would arrive at 36 years old. “I would like to be in the next Games, even more so being in Livigno, a mecca of snowboarding”, replied a tired Castellet, who despite her exhaustion could not hide a happiness that almost made her levitate.

What I value most about Queralt is that he knew how to adapt his round to the needs he had. It is not easy to be on top and in the end it is a fight against yourself. She persevered and was very focused

Álex Martín, RFEDI technician

It would be the perfect way to close an Olympic cycle that began in Turin 2006only 16 years old and followed by four more Games, crowned by the Beijing medal that have made her and her family illustrious citizens of Sabadell. His father Josep Yesterday he recognized for MD that “with each passing hour I value what he has achieved more.” And the fact is that the success of Queralt has not gone unnoticed by anyone. There are many who ‘feel’ it a bit theirs. Not because they think she belongs to them, but because they shared snowboarding sessions with her and because they know how tough he’s been. “I would highlight the virtue she had of adapting her round to the needs. She has always been defined by making rounds with a lot of height. And it is not easy to be at the top. In the end, it is a fight against oneself and it is not easy”, I summarizedto Alex MartinRFEDI SBX technician, who shared snowboarding with her when she was young.

”People stop me on the street and hug me”

It was achieving the Olympic silver medal in the halfpipe in Beijing and the popularity of the Castellet family, if they didn’t already have it, they won many integers in Sabadell. How could it be otherwise, there have been many people who have wanted to congratulate them, as his father Josep remembered yesterday for MD, relaxed in front of the fireplace in his house and with a fresh beer in hand. “Everyone comes looking for me on the street, she congratulates me and tells me to pass on her congratulations to my daughter. They told me ‘we saw it, we saw it’. Queralt’s success has awakened many memories in people. Even a friend who I hadn’t seen for years, from when I played soccer at Mercantil, waited for me at the door of the house and hugged me”. There will always be a before and after February 10 in the history of Sabadell.

This Saturday Queralt will leave a pipe and a city, Beijing, that he will not easily forget. He will head to Colorado (USA)where you will pick up your things, and to which you came directly from Swiss to successfully deal with Dew Tour and the X Gamesbefore traveling to China, to probably land in Madrid on February 17.

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