Officially, Nintendo recalls Super Smash Brothers from EVO 2022

Photo: Nintendo

Last March – Sony Interactive Entertainment and Sports Business RDS The fighting game competition has collectively acquired Evo. Nintendo said at the time that it would continue to “evaluate” the Evo as planned in the future. Super Smash Brothers. competitive job.

It appears the decision has now been made. Nintendo has decided to exclude Super Smash Brothers from the event, according to a panel at Evo. This is a huge hit as the series has been featured in fighting games since 2007.

The full Evo report is here:

“Since 2007, we’ve seen historic Super Smash Brothers moments created at Evo events. We regret that Nintendo chose not to continue this tradition with us this year. We hope to celebrate Super Smash Brothers again in the future. community with them. “

As mentioned earlier, the announcement event for Evo 2022 will also take place on March 8th.

Nintendo previously stated that it was “delighted to participate with fans in previous Evo competitions” and congratulated the event organizers on their new endeavor. Recently, it was hosted by Nintendo Special competition events In association with Panda Global.

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