“Ohm-Non” orbits with a pair of intense chemistry!

“Ohm-Non” orbits with a pair of intense chemistry.

Prepare to be on the screen for you to see. For the current teenage series that fans are waiting to see “Just a friend, a friend” from “GMMTV”, the leader in comprehensive entertainment content. Adapted from the storyline “behind the curtain” of Afterday, West by grabbing 2 hot teenage leads “Ohm-Pawat Jitsawangdee” and “Non-Kornphat Kerdphan” to meet for the first time. In addition, the chemistry is still excruciating. Convey a story from people who can never be “friends”…to people who can never be “just friends” together with a team of cool teenage actors. “Love-Phattranit Limpatiyakon, Milk-Phansa Wosbian, Jimmy-Jitrapon Bodhiwihok, Drake-Sattabut Ladiki, Mark-Pahun Jiyacharoen, ready – Teepakorn Khwanboon, Lotte-Thakorn Phromsathitkul, Mark-Pakin Kunanuwit” and a team of other high-quality actors “Leo Put, Yui-Patamawan Khaimulkhadi, A-Pasi Na Ruangwut, Ple-Pharadee Wongsawat, Kap-Thanavet Siriwatthanakul, Khom-Kongkiat Khomsiri, etc.” Directed by “Off-Nopanat Chaiwimol”, a new generation director. good Guaranteed to be full of finnishness, sophistication, and all emotions for sure.

“Phat” (played by Om-Phawat), a cheeky young man, Kakkrian and “Pran” (played by Non-Korapat), a neat young man, come to Khun Chai, who have been destined to become enemies since can’t see the page Because parents opened a construction equipment shop next to each other. Compete against each other for price cuts, vying for subordinates, hating each other in a way that doesn’t burn ghosts. causing both of them to be positioned as rivals since birth Whoever crawls first, walks first, calls his parents first. Everything was compared to each other.

But one day, when they were both 12 years old, their hatred walls began to crack when “Pa” (played by Love-Patranit), Patt’s younger sister, rode her bike into a canal. village While Pat still did nothing wrong It was the prana that was plunged into the water to help him rise. That incident changed their relationship. Although they look like competitors on the outside, but deep inside they don’t hate each other as much as before until the third graders, teachers, let the two form a band together. causing the two to be close to each other and it was the prana that began to feel trembling with Phat

Four years later, fate made a joke when he sent “Phat” to the first year as the chairman of the engineering side, while “Pran” was the chairman of the Faculty of Architecture, where the two groups had been antagonists for a long time. Causing Phat and Pran to come back and fight again. When “Pa” found out about it, he was broken. He gave an ultimatum forbidding Phat to harm Pran. because of the gratitude that has helped causing Phat to make an agreement with Pran to secretly exchange information To find a way to avoid the two groups quarreling, Prana also didn’t like things, so he agreed. make both start “Secret relationship” to be friends is not. The enemy is not quite but entertains the audience In the end, where will the friendship in the conflict between Phat and Prana end? When will the secret be broken? Will the parents accept it or not? Or will there be a day when the conflict resolves? Don’t miss it

Watch the series “Just friends, friends” broadcasts every Friday at 8:30 p.m. on channel GMM25 and 10:30 p.m. on WeTV starting on Friday, October 29, and can update every movement on FB & IG & YouTube & Twitter: GMMTV.


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