“Ohm-Non” serves the ultimate fin. First Fan Meeting Ohm-Nanon 1st Fan Meeting In Thailand

Create a loud and shrill sound in the hall. with the ultimate fun that hits big numbers In the first fan meeting in Thailand of the young actors, couples, hits “Ohm-Pawat Jitsawangdee” and “Non-Kornphat Kerdphan” From the hottest series of the year just a friend friend From “GMMTV”, the leading content provider in Thailand with the event “O-N Friend City Ohm-Nanon 1st Fan Meeting In Thailand” Plus a team of best friends “Love-Pattaranit Limpatiyakon, Jimmy-Jitrapon Phothiwihok, Drake-Sattabut Ladiki, Mark-Pahun Jiyacharoen, Prom-Tipakorn Kwanboon, Lok Tote-Thakorn Phromsathitkul, Mark-Pakin Kunanuwit” Join the fun mode in every square inch. Serve a full graph

along with a big surprise with 3 special guests Wan-Thanakit Panichwit, Perth-Thanapon Sukhumbhandhanasan” and the youngest brother of young Om “Thai-Thanat Jitsawangdee” which is full of the most exclusive show, full of excitement, including a spectacular stage, light and sound, making fans around the world who watch on stage and watch live streaming via “TTM LIVE” (Thaiticketmajor Live) that can Supporting audiences covering the world has entered the warm city of “Om-Non” Join to experience the most fun moments. And great happiness along the way for 3 and a half hours, which the hashtag pressure stream #OhmNanon1stFM Soaring up the Twitter trend “No. 1” in the world and in Thailand. Collecting trends around the world in 13 countries on Saturday, August 6, 2022 at Union Hall, F6 Floor, Union Mall Shopping Center.

Open a fun scene with the concept of City, which is the city of two best friends. “Om-Non” that brings red-green fans to get to know them more than ever by starting to explore the city with music “Dang and Green”, “Dan Creation” and “The Same Place” before both greeted and welcomed fans around the world to ON Friend City, the first official fan meeting event in Thailand. amidst the loud screams that rang out in the hall Continuing with a solo show part which started from the warmest city of “Nun” with the song “Talk to solve loneliness” that shows a beautiful singing voice With the most beautiful dance steps for fans to enjoy the most and make them miss each other more than before with the song “Just a friend, maybe” for the series “Just a friend, a friend” where the young man “Non” shows off his guitar solo.

before sending the mic to “Om” The solo show takes the city tour with the most impressive songs. “I love you with all my heart” is said to be very touching. And has changed the fire mode with the song “Kra Sae Come in” made everyone extremely excited, then “Ohm-Non” was a couple holding the microphone singing. “Thinking But Not Reaching” Trailer The first of the series “Just friends, friends” before taking everyone to the couple’s room that combines the memories that are etched in the heart that makes the fans very satisfied and connected with a surprise show from a gang of best friends between engineering teams “Ohm-drake-mark Phakin-Ready” and the architecture team “Non-Jimmy-Mark Pahun-Lotte” in the song “Super Saiyan”

and Jin spread without pulling with the show of 2 young men “Ohm-Non” with the song “Just a friend” and then come to pull each other’s hearts in the song “Are you sure” that “Non” catches the mic show A beautiful, sad singing voice, with “Om” joining the impressive scene. Then pass it on to “Ohm” to perform the song “Accidentally Love With All My Heart” and “Non-Jimmy” also joined the jam. Both sides released a lot of moments. before singing together in a song “Don’t get too close to each other” Screaming loudly from the fans, then it’s the turn of “Love” that comes in the song “He’s not secretly in love these days” serving bright, cute, strong numbers. Send the mood of people who are secretly in love with the song. “Won’t tell anyone that you like me first” from “Ohm-Non”, ready to go into fun mode with “Ohm-Non-Jimmy-Drake-Love-Mark Phakin-Mark Pahun-Prom-Lotte” in the song “Kai” before talking about the feeling of being back together again. time

Followed by a big surprise from “Ohm” who invited 2 of the most beloved brothers “Perth” and “Thai” to be special guests to join the show on stage in the song. “Noi deserves to die” with the song “Delighted not to know”. On the side of “Non” grabbed a quality artist “Wan Thanakrit”, a respected brother. Come and join the most exclusive show, full of music. “Two people in one body”, “Khao Jai”, “The last person”, then add more fun degrees. That called the sound of excitement and the most amazing with the highlight of the battle show “Ranat VS Piano” from “Ohm-Non” in the song “Duangduen”, impressing the fans a lot, continuing with fun with the 90’s emotional procession in the song “With love and mackerel”, “Please come to love each other”, “Please leave”, “Cabbage” that both of them released a cute dance step before the show, “Kneeling”, a fun song that made the fans jump up. go together

Then the two young men shook hands and grabbed the mic and sang a good meaning with the song “Just know that I love you” instead of thanking the fans. everyone who supports Support and always be by your side as well as revealing their feelings towards the fans until there were tears of gratitude “Thank you to GMMTV, all adults and families for giving us the opportunity to stand here. and thanks to all the fans in the hall and very much at home who support and love us, which we never imagined that there will be so many people who love us Thank you all very much.” before ending the show with a special song “The song that has just finished writing” that the fans are all ready to sing along loudly. with impressive guitar playing style Called to be full of ultimate finnishness and packed with fun in every square inch of the entire city, ON Friend City creates a great finnish phenomenon.

For viewing Live Streaming, you can watch the retrospective show “ON Friend City Ohm – Nanon 1st Fan Meeting In Thailand” from Friday, August 19, 2022 at 10.00 (GMT+7) to September 2, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. (GMT+7) and can watch the show in the past 240 minutes per 1 viewing code and follow more details at www.thaiticketmajor.com or www.facebook.com/gmmtvofficial & Instagram & Twitter & TikTok & YouTube & Weibo: GMMTV

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