Olimpia is already facing Municipal for the pass to the quarterfinals of the Concacaf League


2 & # 39; Deep ball looking for Maylor Núñez, but the side does not arrive.

1 & # 39; Foul by José García in a divided ball. The first of the game.


8:30 PM – The clubs make the respective harangue and will move the visit.

8:29 PM – And now both templates and the arbitration quartet greet each other.

8:28 PM – The anthem of the 2022 Concacaf League is heard. Let it begin, gentlemen!

8:27 PM – Coaches Antonio Torres and Pedro Troglio greet each other.

8:25 PM – All ready in the National. The two teams go out onto the pitch to start the match.

8:20 PM – Full in the stadium. The Olympic fans did not stay at home.

8:15 PM – Donis Escober comes out applauded by the white fans in the Nacional. The former Olimpia goalkeeper is present.

8:10 PM – Municipal confirms its starting lineup on social networks.

8:05 PM – Both teams are already warming up on the pitch.

8:00 PM – Only half an hour before the match begins and the National looks to the top.

LIVE: Olimpia is already facing Municipal for the pass to the quarterfinals of the Concacaf League

7:58 PM – Our partner Carlos Castellanos brings us a live from outside the stadium. atmosphere.

7:55 PM – A sellout is expected tonight at Chelato Uclés.

Flags, caps, umbrellas and stuffed animals of the lion brought Olimpia fans.  (Photo Alex Perez)

7:50 PM – This is how both teams come out tonight in Tegugicalpa.

7:48 PM – The Municipal publishes a video of his arrival at the property.

7:45 PM – A great party is lived on the outskirts of the capital city.

The Ultra Fiel makes itself felt in the surroundings of the Chelato Uclés stadium.  (Photo Alex Perez)

7:40 PM – It should be remembered that the Whites will not be able to count on Bengtson and Boniek due to the red they saw in the first leg.

7:35 PM – Olimpia starting lineup: Olympia: Edrick Menjivar, Maylor Nunez, Juan Pablo Montes, Jose Garcia, Carlos Sanchez; Germain Mejia, Jorge Alvarez, Edwin Rodriguez, Jose Pinto; Jorge Benguche and Brian Moya.

7:30 PM – We are only an hour away from the start of the game at the Chelato Uclés stadium.

There is no tomorrow for either of us. Olympiad y Municipal collide today at 8:30 at night for the second leg of the round of 16 of the Concacaf League 2022.

After parity (2-2) in the Doroteo Guamuch Floresnow the turn to be local is for the whites, who will try to take advantage of it to access the round and place themselves in the quarterfinals.

The game, which will be broadcast on ESPN, will have a different nuance from the first leg, where the team from Peter Troglio suffered the expulsions of boniek garcia y Jerry Bengtson and therefore they will not be in the commitment today.

Olympiad He is the most pressured because he is at home and because he has more squad than his rival on duty. Whites qualify drawing 0-0, 1-1 and winning by any score. If the tie at the end of the match is 2-2, everything will be defined by penalties, but if the parity is above three goals, it will qualify Municipal for the visiting goal.

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