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Victoria Beckham was inspired by her mother’s style.

The 48-year-old star, who rose to fame with the Spice Girls, has revealed her passion for fashion dates back to her youth.

In a new episode of Vogue Visionaries, titled “Victoria Beckham and Edward Enninful On Finding Your Fashion Career,” the singer-turned-stylist shared her thoughts: “When I was very, very young, I used to watch my mother getting ready.

“My mother was very proud of the way she dressed and she always did more. Bigger shoulder pads, bigger hair…it was a time when she wore Christian Dior Poison perfume, which was a perfume so powerful. And it was a lot. But it was inspiring.

“I was very young and used to look up to her and dream of the day when I could wear her perfume, makeup and her clothes.”

Victoria embraced a unique sense of style during the Spice Girls days, when she was known as Posh Spice.

But today, Victoria doesn’t want to take responsibility for one of their most distinctive styles.

She joked, “I don’t take responsibility for those big Spice Girls shoes we wore! And I used to say to the girls – I used to take the budget… It was fantastic. Because their shoes came from this store…Buffalo, on Carnaby Street. And they had them all for free.”

Victoria started out in the Spice Girls alongside Mel B, Mel C, Emma Bunton and Geri Horner.

And Victoria confessed to overcompensating with her makeup during her time in the band.

She said: “There were times when we were so tired, the more tired we got from all the traveling, the more makeup we put on. And the longer our hair, the shorter our skirts and the higher our heels. were high. We were just overcompensating.”

Vogue Visionaries is a partnership between British Vogue and YouTube UK. (https://www.vogue.co.uk/arts-and-lifestyle/bc/victoria-beckham-edward-enninful-visionaries)

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