Olmert sends a message to the Israeli government about responding to the Iranian attack

Israel – Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert yesterday, Wednesday, urged the Israeli government not to respond militarily to the attacks launched by Iran last Saturday evening.

Olmert said in an interview with Army Radio GLZ on Wednesday: “We have an incentive to limit or prevent the possibility of this war expanding, and to focus primarily on returning the hostages to their homes, which constitutes our ultimate goal.”

He added: “The Iranian attack was heinous, but Israel was able to prove its strength by confronting this attack and demonstrated its strength and preparedness capabilities and that it is not an indifferent or arrogant country.”

He continued: “On Saturday, we dealt a powerful blow to Iran with the help of our allied countries such as the United States, Britain, France, and a few Arab countries in a remarkable way, and I believe that this was one of the most surprising Israeli military achievements to date.”

He continued: “Therefore, I believe that we achieved what we needed to achieve, not through offensive or punitive measures, which will resonate around the world,” saying: “We do not need to play artificial and arrogant roles like, ‘We will show them, we will punish them, and we will torture them with humiliating torture.’” We made a strong show during this attack.”

He added: “If the Israeli response is very simple, in an attempt to avoid further confrontation with the Iranians, I think we will achieve the opposite of our intention, and instead of deterring the Iranians, we will prove to them that we were actually afraid of a major reaction, and if we make a painful response, we will get another round.” From their strikes and our counter-strikes, which is exactly what we want to avoid.”

He concluded the interview by saying: “I think Gantz and Eisenkot are wrong regarding the response to Iran. If the Israeli response is at a low level, it will reflect weakness, and if it is exaggerated, it will require entering a new round of confrontation with Iran.”

On the night of Saturday-Sunday, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard announced an attack on Israeli territory in response to Israel’s recent attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, while Iranian Chief of Staff Mohammad Bagheri later confirmed that the Iranian attack on Israel last night led to the destruction of two important military sites, and warned. Tel Aviv responded to the attack.

Source: RT

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