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The Public Prosecution Service (OM) demanded four years in prison on Wednesday in the court of Amsterdam against the man who accidentally shot a friend of his in January while making a video clip. The incident happened under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Justice blames the suspected recklessness with the death of 26-year-old victim Richard Cordova as a result.

In the evening of January 27, suspect Frank Y. visited the student residence of Cordova on the Daaldijk in Amsterdam’s Zuidoost district, together with his girlfriend and a friend.

The 22-year-old Y. tells in court the fatal evening to drink a lot of wine and whiskey, to use ketamine and to smoke joints. They did that more often, according to Y. They then gathered with friends in the victim’s home to “chill or netflix” together.

Weapon previously fired without consequences

That evening the intention was to record a video clip with Cordova as director. The suspect says he purchased the weapon especially for the shot. When asked by the court why this should be a real weapon, he says it would look better on the screen.

Y. says that he checked several times that evening that there were no bullets in the weapon. Occasionally, the weapon was provided with bullets and loaded. Images made also show that the suspect puts the weapon on his own head and fires without consequences.

Still it went wrong. Probably under the influence of alcohol and drugs, Y. did not realize that there were bullets in the weapon and shot Cordoba that collapsed. Resuscitation was to no avail.

The Public Prosecution Service does not start out intentionally, but does believe that the man should be punished. “Suspect has done nothing to reduce the chance of death,” said the officer, referring to the five bullets that were still in the weapon.

The possession of the weapon is also heavily charged by the Public Prosecution Service. “There is no excuse.”



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