OM: How Villas-Boas will reinstate Rongier against Dijon – Season

It’s a bit as if OM had created problems for the rich in a single match. Valentin Rongier was one of OM’s best players in December. Wednesday evening, he was warm, at home, because suspended for the meeting against Montpellier following an accumulation of yellow cards. And before the match, if he appreciated the performance of his comrades in the middle of the field, he had to ask himself questions. In particular one, very simple: how to find his place when the 4-2-3-1 seems to be the best system for this formation and that Boubacar Kamara and Pape Gueye were monstrous in the recovery? There is only one person, anyway, authorized to answer, it is his coach. Asked to explain himself on the subject at a press conference, André Villas-Boas gave more than one answer, as you can see in the video: Rongier will probably be positioned in number 10, instead of Cuisance. “We did it in Rennes, that’s not his position. We did it for Nantes too. We’ll see, it’s hard. It’s true that the Pope is in an extraordinary moment, we must continue to give him confidence. We will see if that imposes a change of system or not. We found the balance in 4-2-3-1. We started in 4-3-3 against Montpellier, but with their 4-2-2-2 we had to change immediately. We will see between the two systems what is best for us “. Here, a very interesting tactical element, OM could have played in 4-3-3 against Montpellier, which implies with Michaël Cuisance as a runner-up, which therefore means that the Portuguese technician has no reluctance to play his latest recruit in this position.

Pape Gueye is ready to never leave the starting XI

This Saturday, OM are playing against Dijon, a formation that does not have the same offensive arguments as Montpellier. The Burgundians are currently playing in a 4-2-3-1 with an attacking midfielder, Mama Baldé, as an attacker. So, it’s not impossible that OM go to 4-3-3 with Gueye and Rongier on the same line. Since his induction into the team during the game against Monaco, Gueye has always been put to recovery, as if he had to be given every chance of successfully integrating into the eleven, sometimes to the detriment of Rongier, positioned alone. a notch higher. At the sight of his last match against Montpellier, that’s it, he is ready to show even more by being a runner-up, in particular with a game and a strike which can be decisive at the entrance of the opposing surface. So much for the logic of the technical staff for this meeting.

Payet in 10, it’s still not the trend

This will not prevent some from being disappointed. Since Nemanja Radonjic put his head above his shell, it would have been the perfect opportunity to finally see Dimitri Payet positioned in 10 in a 4-2-3-1. But Villas-Boas has already explained why he wanted the Reunionese to slide to the left in this pattern, with ball losses in too large an area in a championship where we swear by blocks. The relentless withdrawal of an Ocampos, which could compensate in certain situations under Garcia, would not exist here with Radonjic and Thauvin. It remains to be seen, in Dijon, how best to articulate a team that comes out of a good match against Montpellier and which also has a prestigious poster to play against PSG a few days later. This is perhaps the best motivation lever for André Villas-Boas when you are in this team, it is better to do everything to not have to leave it.


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