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Nasser Larguet has been coaching Olympique de Marseille for nine days now. Time to make three games and surely take more hits than anything he has been able to receive since taking office at the training center in the summer of 2019. Everything has been said: the fact that he owes his nomination in this position above all because he has the required diplomas, the poisoned gift that it represents because Pablo Longoria is considering anyway another direction for the training next season, not to mention the rumors about the future coach of Olympique de Marseille who feed club news. To this, with perfect zenitude, Larguet replied that he was a trainer, that he was eager to find the center but that he was going to do everything to succeed in this commando mission. As nothing has been spared him over the last week, on his choices as on his statements, which is normal when you are in such an exposed position, you might as well not take tweezers when you have to go the other way: in Auxerre, Larguet did very good management, very good coaching.

Choices that pay off

He first relaunched Yohann Pelé for the Coupe de France. First choice paying, because the doorman went to get a clean sheet with a very serious performance. Léo Balerdi, who one would have thought he had passed behind Lucas Perrin in the hierarchy, also relaunched well with a clean match, well helped it is true by the presence at his side of Boubacar Kamara. The kid from the southern quarters has found the post of his first love and not only. He did what he always did as a teenager, be the boss behind it. Interesting to see that he can still hold this position. All the more so because Caleta-Car, more stopper in his profile, can not offer all the guarantees behind in the absence of Alvaro depending on who is associated with him. Luis Henrique was also established, just like Saîf Khaoui, finally in his position of attacking midfielder. What was to be a first since … his first season at OM, under the orders of Franck Passi. Finally, at the level of replacements, Larguet also knew how to give playing time to Ntcham, to make him gradually take his marks, to Christopher Rocchia, who is offered a new chance at the club and therefore to Cheikh Bamba Dieng, young scorer of 20 years old who had come in post-training and who surprised more than one with his goal at the end of the match (see in video), a real striker goal with a deep call, which would be almost a first since Mamadou Niang if you want to exaggerate.

On the same logic in Bordeaux?

Obviously, not everything was perfect for Larguet, and since we can only play eleven players at the same time, we can also regret the rather early exits of Luis Henrique and Saîf Khaoui. But it is now a question of seeing whether they fit into a global context or not. Part of the answer will be given on Sunday evening with the coach’s choices in Bordeaux, already. Was this meeting in Auxerre in the Coupe de France was an opportunity to blow away the executives of the workforce, or was there a real risk-taking in order to find the right formula in this team ? After the meeting, the former DTN of Morocco assured that the places were won in training. What to revive a little the interest of this season, beyond the classification or the prospects and not to simply wait who will be the new coach. A victory for Larguet therefore, in addition to that acquired on the ground.


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