Omar Adam reacts to the storm of covers for the first time and explains what is behind it

Omer Adam refers to the concern that many industry people expressed to mako about two months ago, after out of 10 singles he released in the last year – only three of them were originals and the rest were covers. “The water in the well dried up. He released an album and it didn’t work well, so he went to the familiar, the easy and the well-known. He went for the safe. Songs that you can’t miss with them,” an official in the music industry tried to explain at the time. According to Adam, who was a guest on the podcast of his good friends, what’s the matter, even though he doesn’t usually give interviews and is known to refuse interviews, on the occasion of the release of his album “Fime Nights”, he did it because his fans asked.

When Zion brought up the subject and wondered why people were concerned about it, the singer replied: “I’m sick of it, it was also at the request of the audience”, when asked if he should respond to media publications on the subject, he said: “I’m not at all in a position to get into it, and give it the stage because I know why I did it. Sometimes I say (that I will get into it) and then why? Defamation… it raises him or her up for a jump… Whoever wants to write what he wants, that everyone be healthy and that we will only be good.”

At the beginning of the episode, Adam did state that he was coming to speak after a decade of not speaking to the media, but refused to provide too many explicit quotes about what he has been through in recent years. At one point, he responded to the drama of his temporary departure to Dubai (which was revealed at the time here in Mako) and said: “I retired for six months … you feel somewhere that you must have a quiet moment. I left for a moment to breathe, to experience and also to understand how much I miss it and then you come back you come When I plan my work, it’s according to my free time.”

As mentioned, Adam released “Fime Nights”, a short EP that includes five songs, after a long period in which he abandoned the original work in favor of the covers, a step that brought him great criticism from seniors in the music industry. Among the writers and producers of the album is Osher Cohen, who composed and produced the song “Only Yours” and wrote its lyrics together with Adam. “Money or Tears” was produced by Omer Dahan and Eliran Eliyahu, who were interviewed by Mako last year about their work as young Israeli producers who work with well-known rappers in the US.

In addition, Adam announced yesterday that he is returning to the concert in Yarakon Park, and Mako learned that the singer is planning two shows in the park with 20-30 thousand tickets each. The choice of Yarkon Park came after the singer was interested in closing a show in Bloomfield – but the stadium was not available. We published about the big concert planned by Adam in Mako a year ago – when he checked the feasibility of a concert in Bloomfield or Birken in the summer of 2023.

This will be Adam’s first time at Yarkon Park since the infamous show with Nicky Jam, which turned out to be a significant milestone in Adam’s career over the past two years. The uproar and disappointment from the fans spawned a series of compensation shows at Live Park, but the crisis of confidence remains. At the time, sources close to Adam told Mako Music that he took the criticism hard, and that the lineup of the show with Nicky Jam included no less than 24 songs, but due to Nicky Jam’s conduct, Adam did not have time to perform them.

He responded to complaints from fans that he decided to open a show in Yarkon Park and not Menorah Hall. “I get a lot of messages why Yarkon and not a menorah, so like this: we are building a hall in the park that will look like this,” Adam wrote and added a sketch of a building where the performance is supposed to take place. “Then you will feel in Menorah only with more atmosphere, and secondly, I am very disappointed that you do not trust me.”

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