On the night of the wedding… a shy groom could not break his wife’s hymen, so someone entered the middle of the night to do it instead… the shocking surprise of the bride’s reaction

A shy groom on his wedding night, which is forgotten on the wedding night, his wife’s virginity was broken while snoring, after the birth ended on the wedding day, and everyone went to their homes. The drunk groom was left alone on the wedding night with his bride.

And the most important work at this beginning is how the end will be in the unbreaking of the hymen, and this new hubby is still thinking and waiting for what to do inside this room tonight

Especially since the relatives will come in the morning to see the virginity handkerchief stained with the blood of his virgin wife, and to make sure of the virginity and honor of their daughter-in-law. The audience of the wedding night and the hymen, and suddenly and without any conversation, the groom came out of his bedroom, sneaking out of the apartment, and

He hid in a room on the roof of the house in order not to complete the wedding, while the bride discovered this and started screaming from the window of the house, until all the family and neighbors came, and asked what happened, to answer saying that her husband ran away, and she was changing her dress, and looked for him everywhere in the room but she did not find it.

A shy and sleepy groom broke up his wife’s virginity while he was sleeping, the secret hideout of the free groom, and then the heart of the people resounded, and everyone went out to search for the rogue fugitive, but no one found him, so they wondered about him, but one of the family members said I know his place.

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And he went to the roundabout of livestock, and everyone was walking behind him, and indeed he found the shy groom in the roundabout of livestock snoring well, but the quarter did not tolerate him, and they brought him by force, and entered him on his wife and did not leave him, and asked him to enter his wife in front of them, the groom’s people refused that and said we wait in the prayer.

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