On the night of the wedding: the groom entered his bride to have sex with her, and when he saw the bed, he divorced her without hesitation.. What I thought was impossible, a man or six would believe him!

It is the most important and most wonderful night in the life of every couple, and it is the awaited night that every young man has always thought about marriage, but it was a very miserable night in the lives of newlyweds, and what happened in it will remain stuck in their imaginations forever.

A young Egyptian man in his thirties filed a lawsuit before the Nasr City Court, requesting the annulment of his marriage contract, which did not last long.

The night of the wedding, I was surprised that the mattress came out of cotton, not took a zipper as we agreed. “With these words, the husband began to justify his claim before the family court, adding that his marriage to Asmaa. 29 years after his engagement period was full of problems, and that the wife’s family changed the agreement between them about the arrangements and marriage equipment.

He explained that shortly before the wedding date, Asmaa’s family did not complete the device and the rest of the agreed-upon house furniture, so that he would complete the rest of the marital home requirements.

The husband continued, saying: After the wedding ceremony ended, and after entering the marital home, I sat on the bed in the bedroom, and was surprised that the mattress was made of cotton and not taki, as agreed with her family.

The young man felt that the wife was deceiving him, so he decided to resort to the family court and filed a marriage annulment lawsuit.

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