On the very first day of the Kannur squad shoot, my image was lost and my double name was also lost – Robby Varghese Raj

2023-12-06 09:41:00

Kannur Squad is a film directed by debutant Robbie Varghese Raj starring Mammootty. The film was well received by the audience. The film produced by Mammootty’s company created a big movement in the theatres.

Director Robby Varghese Raj is talking about the first day shoot of the Kannur squad and the double name that fell on him that day. Robi was speaking at FTQ with Rekhamenon. Robbie’s answer was to the question which moments in the film were found to be challenging.

The first challenging shoot was the interval block in the film. And the house sequence. The very beginning goes to the core of the movie.

First, it is a terrible risk. We have to be in sync with a crew of ten hundred people. On the first day itself, the shoot had to go on till two o’clock. It was like that for five consecutive days.

Just then I went and got my image. All of them started this cross. Everyone is in trouble. I got double names. That double name cannot be said here. It is another director’s name.

The name of the director who does not give a break with sincerity will come. There is no other way. An item charted for 7 days should be completed in 5 days. Mammooka has to join the sets on January 1. His shoot is to start on January 1
It is also a pleasure for Sir.

I am also proud to say that on January 1, sir, the work is started with the frame. It was a big task. As soon as I was able to work in that manner for five days, I was confident that this film would work.

And if the interval block work is not done, people will feel what they are going to catch. I felt at peace when I took that four-man walk.

Similarly everyone has equal space in this squad. Including Jeep. And since Jeep can’t talk, Polly won’t bother us much. The rest of the cast is there. Jay has space. There is an emotional scene. So has Aziz. There are so many people.

I had a little doubt while the shooting was going on as everyone was given equal space. Like Mammooka, an actor in that range would think something or say something. But that was not a problem for him. It was very surprising to me. Sir has given equal space to everyone, said Robbie Varghese.

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