one of the best scorers in the history of the championship is retiring! (official)

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Jermain Defoe bows out. The English striker has indicated on his Twitter account that he wants to retire from professional football, after an exceptional career in the Premier League. The former Tottenham, West Ham and Portsmouth player is one of top scorers in the history of the English league with 162 goals.

Aged 39, the latter had been playing since the start of the winter transfer window in Sunderland. Jermain Defoe explained his decision: “After 22 years of career, I have decided to retire from the professional world. It was a very difficult decision, which I discussed with my family and loved ones. I made my debut at 17 in 1999 and now I feel like it’s the right time to stop. I’ve had an amazing career and met some great people. »

to summarize

Jermaine Defoe announced on his Twitter account that he had made the decision to end his career, which began in 1999. The English international is one of the top scorers in the history of the Premier League.

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