One of the victims of the Strépy-Bracquegnies drama sends a letter to the driver: “You have just destroyed a good number of families”

Six days ago, Paolo F killed 6 and injured 10 when he hit a group of gilles head-on at the Strépy-Bracquegnies carnival. Today, the driver is imprisoned in the prison of Tournai. He was charged with manslaughter and involuntary bodily harm causing death without intent. The passenger in the car is accused of failing to assist a person in danger but was released.

Almost a week after the tragedy, Antonio, one of the victims injured during the accident, sends a letter to Paolo F. On Facebook, he writes:

“This tragedy happened 5 days ago, having sown death and plunging families into total disarray, without forgetting that other victims will remain disabled for life. All this because you have always flouted a code of good driving in order to avoid any drama. There were places where you could have expressed your passion. It is as if a father had a gun and played in front of his children every day and then, a shot was accidentally fired and killed one of his kids. You defied these regulations by posting your exploits on social networks, driving at nonsensical speeds. It had to happen one day. You have just destroyed many families, not to mention yours, whose pain must be insurmountable, who today have lost a father, a mother, a child, a cousin, a friend… All this by the passion and madness of speed. I hope you have a conscience and that you will realize the crazy act you have committed.

I wish you that one day you too will get married and have children. On that day, you will no longer have the same outlook on life as you approach the road. You will come to this fear that when your children go out, a high-speed driver will come and mow them down and take their lives. You will never again be at peace thinking of the dearest beings you have on earth. So take the time to read, reread and reread this little letter but oh so significant and important for life. A parent who will never sleep like before.”

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