One person is missing after the fire at Liseberg

The police checked underneath day all people who were connected to the workplace. One of them has not been found.

“During the day, the majority of people have sought out healthcare themselves, so this has therefore been unclear. But after checking with health care, we have now not found him,” says Stefan Gustafsson, the police’s spokesperson.

Liseberg confirms in a press release that a person who worked on the project has disappeared. “Our main task now is to assist the police in the search”, writes CEO Andreas Andersen.

Sixteen people had to seek treatment for minor injuries after the fire in the adventure pool. They have been able to leave the hospital.

The fire broke out at 10 o’clock. Films from the scene show how the building is in flames when a powerful explosion suddenly occurs. Fire and thick black smoke can be seen billowing from the building, which is completely engulfed in flames.

According to the forecast, the emergency services will remain throughout the night and also during Tuesday when the fire entered the structure. At 21:00 in the evening it was still burning.

“When we extinguish one place in the construction, it flares up in another. With the racial risk, it is difficult to access,” says spokesperson Henrik Gunnarsson.

The police have started a so-called special event in order to handle the fire in the best way. The incident was initially classified as a workplace accident. During the evening, the classification was added to gross general danger devastation.

A thick, dark smoke spread over parts of Gothenburg. A VMA (Important Public Notice) was issued, telling everyone in the area to stay indoors and close doors, windows and ventilation. Only at 8 p.m. was the warning withdrawn.

The plan was for Oceana to open in the summer. According to previous information from Liseberg, the adventure pool would cost approximately SEK 1.2 billion to build.

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