“Only 25% of children are registered with the civil status” (Aliou Sall)

The announcement is from the president of the mayors of Senegal, Aliou Sall. Indeed, the mayor of Guédiawaye, who says he relies on official data, estimates that “only 25% of children are registered at birth in Senegal”.

But, always specifies the president of the AMS, “some make up for it a few days or a few years after the birth to declare their sons in the civil registry. This poses problems especially for children who present for their first examination, the CFEE ”. For Aliou Sall, this situation is accentuated by the absence of universal coverage in terms of infrastructure housing civil registration services in local authorities.

This is important in the eyes of deputy Mamadou Oury Baïllo Diallo, member of the law committee, to accelerate modernization to ensure the reliability of the civil status system.

“It is extremely important that the civil registration system is secure. Because it is a matter of national security ”.

But, the parliamentarian added that this must go through a very good awareness of the populations on the issue of civil status.

They spoke at the second meeting of the steering committee of the program to support the strengthening of the civil status information system …


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