Only one proposal made by Prince Hamzah to King Abdullah, and why did the Jordanian King reject it?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Jordanian monarch, King Abdullah II, said that his brother, Prince Hamzah, had submitted a single request to him, in a statement in which he announced a number of measures against him, after months of trying to “break his obsessions.”

In his statement, King Abdullah said: “I tried, and our family members tried, to help him break the chain of obsessions that he (Prince Hamzah) had bound himself with, to be an active member of our family in the service of Jordan and Jordanians, and I offered him many tasks and roles to serve the country, but he met all of that.” With bad intentions and skepticism, he never presented anything but grumbling and consuming slogans, and he never came to me with a solution or a practical proposal to deal with any of the problems facing our dear homeland, and the only proposal made by Prince Hamzah was to unify the intelligence services of all our armed forces under his command..

He refused Prince Hamzah’s request, as King Abdullah said in his statement that it “is illogical and contradicts the system of work of our armed forces.”

It is noteworthy that the royal will, which was accompanied by a detailed message in which the king addressed his people, carried for the first time a full disclosure to the Jordanians about a series of facts of what was known as the “sedition” case. country security.”

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