ONPE 2022: what is the technological novelty to present to facilitate the results of the municipal elections? | National Office of Electoral Processes | Where to vote | ANSWERS

During the regional and municipal elections next October, the National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE) will implement a technological solution to assist the count in five thousand polling stations voting.

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It is a program designed to facilitate the work of the polling station members in the transfer of the results of the voting record to a platform Excelas explained by the supervision manager of Funds Supporters of the ONPE, Katiuska Valencia in interview with TV Peru.

“For the October election we are implementing a little more 5 thousand polling stations with this technological solution to facilitate the work of polling station members and to be able to minimize the number of tally sheets observed”said the manager.

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In this way, the aim is to avoid the material errors that are usually made when the voting records are worked out manually. Also, the official of the ONPE said that in the internal elections that rThe political organizations carried out last Sunday used the aforementioned technological solution.

In addition, he reported that in said process there was an attendance of the 81% of table members of the 147 political organizations who participated in the internal elections, that of the 5,195 voting tables were installed 4,214 in 1,052 locations in 870 districts.

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“What does the ONPE is to respect the guidelines that are given in a framework of health care for the population. We are a community, we do not respond to individual issues and we have to comply with the guidelines of health measures very important because the pandemic is not over”he expressed.

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