Open 10 songs from Thai artists to pay their respects King Rama 9

1. Father from beer foam
It is a song to pay tribute to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. The first song that was written quickly within the night of the first day of His Highness’s death for the song “Father”, prepared by the record label Mee Records, a subsidiary of Music Move Entertainment Company Limited, which the famous composer Fongbeer refused. Uthaichalerm wrote the lyrics, composed and arranged by himself. It takes only 5 minutes to compose lyrics and is only 1.44 minutes long. Fongbeer said that he expressed his feelings about what he wanted to say to his father after hearing the news that he had passed away. and he didn’t feel that it was a songwriting but more like writing a letter

2. 13 October, one o’clock straight from Thanet Warakunukroh
In addition to the song “13 October Nung Tum Trong”, the work of writing the lyrics and melody of the talented young singer-songwriter Thanet Warakunukroh will convey the feelings of the Thai people in the whole country when they hear the news of the death of King Bhumibol Adulyadej on October 13, 2016 at 19:00 As for the music video that compiles images from the actual events that happened that night. It made it a music video that really brought tears to the audience’s screen all over Thailand.

3. Father Bhumibol from Add Carabao

It is a song to pay tribute to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. That has become very popular in the social networking world at this time for the song “Phor Bhumibol”, the skill of writing the lyrics, composed by Ad Yuenyong Opakul or Ad Carabao, a famous Thai singer-songwriter. It is a song that, in addition to expressing the feeling of sadness and sorrow of the loss of King Rama IX of Thailand, is also a song that reflects the royal duties of King Rama IX when he was still alive.

4. I was born in the reign of King Rama 9 from Sek Loso

The famous rocker Seksan Sukphimai or Sek Loso is another artist who joins in conveying the mourning song for the King as well. This work has done both composing, composing, composing, arranging, and translating into a song. “I was born in the reign of King Rama IX” to say that he was proud to be born in Thailand, but was heartbroken when he heard the news of his death. Therefore, it was broadcasted as a song of the father so that he could hear the word love. and will be good to the father and Thailand Even if it’s a sad song But with Sek Loso’s style of rock music, there is a strong power hidden in the song as well.

Open 10 songs from Thai artists to pay their respects  King Rama 9

5. I ask for a contract from Big Ass , Toon Bodyslam , Methi Labanoon , Vietrio
It is a song that combines rock music and classical music perfectly for “Luk Kor Sanya”, which is an important gathering of the top young rock artists in Thailand such as Big Ass, Toon Bodyslae. M, Methy Labanoon and the classical music group Vitreo, produced by Genie Records, and the lyrics convey the feelings that, despite the sorrow and sorrow of the great loss, but the child. All Thai people promise to do more good deeds. and will love and unite until the last day to make him feel comfortable

6. The day father was away from Wan Brothers Feat. Jugg Chawin
3 young singers and musicians Wan Thanakrit Panichwit, Wan Akira Wongseng, who together under the name of Wan Brothers and Jug Chawin Jitsomboon, would like to be one of the artists who write songs to pay homage. Mourning as well, with the three young men sharing their feelings after hearing the news of the death of King Rama IX through the song “The Day the Father is away”, a song that reveals the feelings of a young boy who is still weak and accepts the truth. I can’t wait to know that my father has passed away. But I ask father not to worry because the child will continue as the father had taught him. In the music video section, singer New Napassorn Phuthonjai drew a cartoon consisting of

7. Love for Dad from Lucky Lion
The song “Love for Father” is another song from Singto Numchok, a famous pop artist. prepared to pay tribute to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej In which the song speaks about the perspective of Thai people who have heard many stories of the father who is like a light to guide life. which he would like to offer to follow the teachings Also, my father never asked us to love him. but let us love each other And today, if I look there and see how happy Thai people love each other? It is another song for the father that has the most sentimental meaning and is one of the most relevant to Thai people.

8. Solar power from Rolling Hatch Hero ft. Q Flure
It is not necessary that the song pays tribute to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. It must be a slow song, a deep ballad. Only tears because the song “Solar Power” by young rapper Fak Kling, Hero and Q Flure is a rap song that feels powerful. In addition, the content of the song reflects the royal duties of His Majesty when he was still alive, perfectly matched with rap songs. If anyone likes mourning songs that are different from the familiar slow, touching songs, you must listen to it.

9. I would like to serve as my viceroy of all nations from MILDVOCALIST
It is another song of mourning that many people admire no less for “May I be a viceroy of all nations”, the work of composing, composing, composing, composing, composing, and composing by a young singer-songwriter, Pae Badin Charoenrat or Pae Wong Mind, because of the content that conveys loyalty to His Majesty King Bhumibol. Adulyadej using profound melodious words plus the melody of sad songs that hurt the listeners In addition, young Pae’s soft singing voice became a song for the father that many people liked until they had to listen to it many times over.

10. Father’s Song from Tri Phoomratana, Burin Boonvisut and fellow artists
As we Thai people know that When King Bhumibol Adulyadej His life was still there. He is regarded as the King with musical talent as well. The song “Song of the Father” was written and composed by Tri Phumirat and arranged by Burin Boonvisut, produced by Workpoint. Entertainment It is a song that conveys the feelings of Thai people who have seen the picture of their father playing music. And today, when there is no more father So I want to sing my father’s song to show my father’s love with all my heart. In addition, this song has also received more than 20 quality artists to convey their feelings.

Open 10 songs from Thai artists to pay their respects  King Rama 9


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