OpenAI fires CEO Sam Altman

2023-11-18 08:56:21

APEC Future of AI (AP Photo/Eric Risberg)

In a completely unexpected bombshell, OpenAI’s board of directorsAnnounceFired CEO Sam Altman from his position and removed him as a director, both effective immediately. Mira Murati, chief technology officer, will serve as acting CEO until a new CEO is decided.

According to reports, the reason given by OpenAI for firing Altman was that the board of directors found during an internal investigation that Altman’s “communication with the board of directors was not candid enough, which prevented the board of directors from performing its duties.” Therefore, the board of directors cannot trust Altman to continue to lead OpenAI. Altman said on

Altman co-founded the non-profit OpenAI with Elon Musk in 2015 and has served as CEO of the for-profit unit since 2019. His popularity has entered everyone’s field of vision along with the success of OpenAI. In addition to representing OpenAI, he also represents the forefront of the AI ​​industry to some extent. In addition to participating in AI-related hearings in the U.S. Congress, Altman has also frequently appeared in major industry forums. He just participated in OpenAI’s 2023 DevDay last week and released the faster GPT-4 Turbo platform, as well as smaller, GPTs that better suit specific needs. Altman even attended the APEC CEO summit on Thursday, which shows how sudden his dismissal was.

In addition to Altman, Greg Brockman, who served as chairman of the board of directors, was also dismissed from his position as chairman on the same day, but Brockman himself said that even if he was not dismissed, he did not intend to continue to do so after today’s events. As an important investor, Microsoft, which only invested US$10 billion in OpenAI in January this year, apparently only learned of this decision at the last moment. CEO Nadella only said that Microsoft has a long-term cooperation with OpenAI and will continue to obtain OpenAI’s support. Technical support, and full support for Mira and OpenAI teams.

OpenAI thanks Altman for his efforts in “creating and expanding” OpenAI, and believes Mira will be able to fill the role of acting CEO competently and weather the transition.

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