Opened ‘Hydrogen Safety Museum’ to experience hydrogen safety and value

[월간수소경제 박상우 기자] The Hydrogen Safety Museum, a hydrogen gas safety experience education center where you can directly experience the safety of hydrogen energy and its differentiation as a future energy, opened.

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and Korea Gas Safety Corporation held an opening ceremony for the Hydrogen Safety Museum at Chungbuk Innovation City in Eumseong, Chungcheongbuk-do on the 15th.

As one of the promotion tasks for comprehensive hydrogen safety management measures announced by the Ministry of Industry in December 2019, the establishment of a ‘Hydrogen Safety Experience Center’ has been promoted since 2020 to spread a hydrogen safety culture.

Korea Gas Safety Corporation, a project promotion agency, selected Chungbuk Innovation City through a public contest for local governments in June 2020. A hydrogen safety experience center was built across the country.

The exterior of the Hydrogen Safety Experience Hall is a structure in which three circular buildings are organically connected, embodying the infinite cycle of hydrogen that is converted into ‘hydrogen-energy-water’. made up

The hydrogen safety publicity hall, a key space, consists of six spaces under three themes: △Meeting hydrogen △Making hydrogen, safety △Hydrogen, dreaming.

In ‘Meet Hydrogen’, you can experience the eco-friendliness of hydrogen that comes from nature and returns to nature as water through immersive video and sound. ‘Hydrogen, making safety’ is an indirect experience of the safety of hydrogen storage containers through videos and exhibition models of the container manufacturing process and safety verification tests. This is a corner where you can learn about leak detectors and flame detectors through the Experience Cube.

‘Hydrogen, dream’ allows you to feel the future hydrogen energy society in 2050 through videos and models, and provides information on the meaning of the hydrogen economy, international trends, and hydrogen safety through videos, and provides information on the climate change crisis and future hydrogen. It was created so that you can experience all over the city in 4D images.

In addition, the Hydrogen Safety Experience Center was named ‘Hydrogen Safety Museum’ so that the public can feel more friendly and interested in the Hydrogen Safety Experience Center, and the logo and character of the Hydrogen Safety Museum with the motif of hydrogen atoms and element symbols were also developed. .

The Hydrogen Safety Museum plans to open on December 15th and start full-scale operation from March next year after a temporary operation period of three months.

During the temporary operation period, Korea Gas Safety Corporation plans to supplement or add exhibition contents and experience programs through the operation of a preliminary inspection team.

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