Opening speech ‘Jenny BLACKPINK’ pops up to greet ‘Woody’ after showing Lisa To the point where he said he would faint.

2023-10-02 03:09:46

The wind almost catches you! Opening words ‘Jenny BLACKPINK’ popped up to greet ‘Woody Milintachinda’ after watching ‘Lisa’s’ Crazy Horse Paris cabaret show, causing the person to shout that she would faint.

Become a legend in the middle of Paris When celebrities from around the world come to watch ‘Crazy Horse Paris Cabaret Show’ of girls ‘Lisa BLACKPINK’ crowded together One of which is definitely a superstar from Thailand. ‘Woody Milintachinda’ After finishing watching the show He has come out to reveal many impressive moments. Especially when we have the opportunity to meet. ‘Jenny BLACKPINK’ came to say hello. Until the young MC couldn’t keep his cool.

By Woody Milintachinda revealed such feelings through IG woodytalk stated that “W.D. had the opportunity to sit and watch the show from the very last seat, watching with fans, younger siblings, and mothers. Walking in and seeing Lisa’s fans from around the world who had come to support Liz, I was happy for her. Feel the energy and excitement of the entire theater Who is waiting to see the artist he loves the most perform with the most freedom in his life.”

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“At one point Lisa looked down at the audience and saw someone she didn’t know and looked startled. But I’m happy that she came. (W.D. didn’t know who it was at that time. But I found out later, backstage. When that girl came in, shook her hand and said Hi. I’m Jennie. I’m going to faint.)

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After fans read the message, they came to comment with envy. Including saying that he really wanted to go see Lisa’s show, but listening to what Young Woody had to say was really fun.

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