Operation starts in ‘section of terror’

Without guaranteeing that traveling on the Monterrey-Nuevo Laredo highway is safe, the General Commissioner of Civil Force, Jorge Garza, announced the highway operation in the so-called “section of terror” and recommended that the population take precautions such as bringing “well loaded the cell phone”.

Operation starts in 'section of terror'

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Operation starts in ‘section of terror’

After revealing that around 109 people have disappeared, Garza reported that the security operation began last Thursday in coordination with the National Guard, the Mexican Army, with the participation of the Civil Force.

Without giving details of the number of elements that participate in the security protocol, it was announced that surveillance by federal authorities will be carried out by air and land.

Asked repeatedly if it is safe to travel on the road, the Commissioner said that thousands commute every day, but warned that incidents have occurred so precautions must be taken.

“Let (the population get to the road), here we are present, we have the operations implemented,” Garza said, “of course, bring your well-charged phones and bring them with you.”

“I tell you, there are thousands of people who come and go, but you have to take precautions … there are people who have had, there have been incidents so you have to work on that.”

In addition to conducting surveillance tours on the highway, it was detailed that the gaps in the surroundings are also being reviewed.

“(The operation is implemented in) the entire highway on the Nuevo León side, we are monitoring it in conjunction with the National Guard, because it is not just the highway, there are gaps where the National Guard, Civil Force and the Army also enter to monitor, to deter, to look for individuals who are looking to harm people. “

It was reported that the Government of Tamaulipas is also carrying out investigation and surveillance work.

According to the statement, according to information collected by the state government and the Local Commission for the Search for Disappeared Persons, in the last 20 months there have been 41 reports of missing persons in Nuevo Laredo.

However, in a third protest outside the Government Palace, family members denounced the disappearance of 109 people on the Monterrey-Nuevo Laredo highway on Thursday.

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