OPPO is collaborating with Menna Shalaby with a TV ad for Reno features during Ramadan

OPPO is collaborating with Menna Shalaby with a TV ad for Reno features during Ramadan

Written by: Maher Badr

Enjoying the spirit of the holy month of Ramadan through the eyes of the Reno series and the star Menna Shalaby

Written by: Maher Badr

During the Holy Month of Ramadan, OPPO inspires users to capture the unique spirit of the holy month and keep it forever. OPPO has recommenced its cooperation with the star Menna Shalaby through a TV advertisement that expresses the customs and spirit of the Holy Month of Ramadan through the unlimited imaging possibilities of the OPPO Reno series, and the new announcement had a special impact on OPPO lovers in Egypt.

The new announcement expresses the importance of capturing the memories and moments that distinguish our lives, especially on special occasions such as the holy month of Ramadan, as the month of Ramadan is full of wonderful moments that we always remember and have a unique place in our hearts. The ad shows star Menna Shalaby documenting her special moments in the month of Ramadan while she happily sings the famous Ramadan song, “Ramadan Jana.” Menna Shebli decorates her home, meets with family and friends and enjoys the magical atmosphere of Ramadan while taking many special photos. The ad also shows family members happy and celebrating Ramadan together, preparing breakfast and the mother playing with her young son and giving him the first Ramadan lantern in his life. And all those pictures are captured using the OPPO Reno Series, the portrait expert, which offers unparalleled photography capabilities to become the perfect companion during the holy month to capture all the wonderful moments with family and friends during happy and wonderful gatherings.

The ad features Menna Shalaby as she sings and celebrates the holy month of Ramadan, and Menna Shalaby also shows how the OPPO Reno Series, the portrait expert, enables users to capture images that express the spirit of Ramadan in a variety of situations using innovative imaging technologies such as the luminous bokeh technology that gives you the opportunity to Capture the most beautiful portraits and videos with lights twinkling in the background. And the video technology supported by artificial intelligence helps you to capture wonderful portrait videos at night through the Ultra Night feature, not only that, you can also take professional photos even in the presence of a bright backlight by activating the Live HDR feature, and you can also shoot video from the front and back camera in At the same time through Dual-view Video technology, while you enjoy dividing the screen into three sections that you can choose and move between them easily, and there is also Flash Snapshot technology that gives you the most stable and clear images, and with the ability to shoot ultra-high-resolution 108 megapixels, Ultra- Clear 108MP, which makes you take the highest resolution photos, making every detail a masterpiece. There is also the Portrait mode, which makes you photograph a portrait with a distinct depth, where you focus on the person or object in the photo and professionally hide the features of the background, and with all these features and technologies, the OPPO Reno series is your perfect choice.

The Reno series is the first smartphone series to specialize in portrait photography, as OPPO Reno paved the way for a new generation of intelligent portrait photography capabilities through portrait technologies that revolutionized the world of photography and provided pioneering capabilities in the field of smartphone photography. Over the past decade, the Reno series has been known for providing the best photography experiences that have helped millions of users around the world capture more than 2.7 billion photos and 345 million videos every month to preserve their special moments in full detail.

OPPO has become one of the favorite brands around the world as it excels at exceeding customer expectations and meeting all their needs. OPPO is making a lot of efforts to make the Reno series a unique tool to help users preserve precious moments in their lives and express themselves and their feelings through innovative and professional imaging capabilities. Portrait photography is one of the core features of the Reno series and one of the main reasons why users love this unique series of smartphones.

In parallel with the TV advertising campaign, OPPO is organizing a big campaign on social media platforms to encourage users to post their favorite Ramadan photos in order to have a chance to win one of the amazing smartphones from the OPPO Reno6 series.

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