Opposition silence after the confirmation of the 2023 election date in Córdoba

One hour after the officialization of the date of the provincial elections in Córdoba (Sunday, June 25) was known, none of the highest opposition leaders made statements in this regard.

Since Sunday night, there were strong rumors that the announcement of the Government of Córdoba on the electoral issue was imminent.

In La Falta, where they traveled to celebrate the triumph of the radical Javier Dieminger, both Senator Luis Juez and National Deputy Rodrigo De Loredo had referred to the delay in making the date official.

“They play poker with the date… This is how they treat democracy,” declared De Loredo in La Falda.

However, once the government of Juan Schiaretti issued the statement that set the last Sunday of June as the date, there was no pronouncement from the opposition.

New video of Rodrigo De Loredo

Until noon on Monday, the only post that Judge and De Loredo had made was a new video with the same concept as another one that they had published days before.

In this case, and continuing with the formula to prepare a fernet with Coca Cola, the senator and the deputy added Dieminger. Between the three of them, they starred in a new video using the data from the radical mayor’s victory.

“70/30 in La Falda”, they say in reference to the percentage that Juntos por el Cambio obtained in the mountain town (they won 70% to 30% over the Peronist-Kirchnerist Miguel Maldonado).

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