OR BRIC SUPERBIKE 2023 Win until the last curve!

OR BRIC SUPERBIKE 2023 Win until the last curve! “Nakharin-Nateetarn-Mooklada”, brutal form, entered the first field, the battle on two wheels smoothly, number one in Thailand All models of the last curve

The results showed that “Chip” Nakarin Atirat Phuwaphat Former Moto3 rider from Honda Racing Thailand enters the big win while Nateethan Thongkot from TNP Motorsport Bringing a single roll to win Superstock

On the side of “Mook” Mooklada Sarapuet, a strong young rider from Honda Racing Thailand, relies on her expertise to beat the teammates of the generation. Supersports 600 cc from the most intense race at Chang Stadium, Buriram Province www.bric.co.th

Road Motorcycle Championship Thailand OR BRIC SUPERBIKE 2023

ORBRIC Superbike Championship 2023, field 1, speed duel on Sunday, April 9, 2023 at Chang International Circuit, Buriram Province. The highlight of this weekend is the competition. In the largest version of Thailand like Superbike 1000 cc.

Which this year has changed to the same rules as the Asia Road Racing Championship, with big-name Thai riders heavily participating, such as “Chip” Nakarin Athirat Phuwaphat and “Champ” Passawit Thitiwararak Asian star from Honda Racing Thailand

Including “Ball” Chakkrit Sawangsawat from the East NJT Racing Team, “CK” Chaiwichit Nisakul from TNP Motorsport and “Soup” Anucha Nakcharoensri, a former Thai champion from Tan Ray. Racing Connect in a BMW racing car for the first time

As a result, it appeared that Nakarin started from the pole and led a single roll to finish 12 laps, the first field victory. After moving up and twisting in the big version with a time of 19 minutes, 17.060 seconds, she slashed the team mate like Passawit only 1.319 seconds, and third place belonged to Chakkrit after 14.182 seconds.

followed by Chai Wichit in 4th place after 30.669 seconds

and a rising star like “Bew” Warit Thongnopkun from the East NJT Racing Team, in 5th place after 36.384 seconds

results in the model Super Stock 1,000 cc.


Situation in the race Nateethan Thongkot from TNP Motorsport Pole holder got off to a great start. Take the lead in one roll, finish 12 laps around the field with a time of 20 minutes 8.445 seconds

Leaving Petcharawut Petchchuay from GP Racing Udon Thani, second place to 7.652 seconds, followed by Siraphop Poolsri from Bike Story Bridgestone BBK Unibat Racing Team in 3rd place behind 8.010 seconds

While Natthaphon Thanyawadiwanich from Nexter Racing Team enters the 4th place label after 10.251 seconds.

and 5th place belongs to Warinthorn Tongwattana from Uanburiram Hate Ban Chong, behind 38.738 seconds

version of the game Super Sport 600 cc.


It is considered a battle between two riders from Honda Racing Thailand, like “Mook” Mukda Sarapuet and teammates like “New” Pansorn Kaewsonthi, with “Fong” Kanatat. Jaiyum from Yamaha High Speed ​​Racing Team

and Daniel Munyoch, the Spanish rider from Winnie, rules the Accent Timber Racing Team.

The results showed that Muklada twisted into the sign as the first car with a time of 20 minutes 4.097 seconds, winning the first field to win the most fun. After slashing teammates like Pansorn, only 0.076 seconds, while third place belongs to Kanatat, behind 4.835 seconds, followed by Munyach.

who competed in Thailand for the first time in 4th place after 6.806 seconds and 5th place belonged to Peerapong Boonlert from Yamaha, KYB, IRC, DID, NB, Ban Nam, Molin Kespi Ladkrabang, Ko Tha Maka, behind 10.427 seconds

The situation in the model Super Sport 400 cc.


It was a close battle until the final corner, with the top five riders only 1.569 seconds apart. The results show that the top young riders like

Watcharin Tubtim-on from the East NJT Racing Team twisted into the sign as the first car after completing 7 rounds of the field with a time of 12 minutes 52.026 seconds.

She beat Passakorn Saenluang, a competitor from Yamaha Duck Hams Dam Racing Team, ranked 2nd only 0.837 seconds.

while third place went to Drannaphop Thongyoy from the East NJT Racing Team, 0.982 seconds behind, followed by Theerthawat Khun Phu from Valvoline SMS Racing Team and Phanat Nath Nilapa from Nexter Moritek AVRP Racing in 4th and 5th place behind each other 1.072 seconds and 1.569 seconds

Results of the competition Sport Production 400 cc.

It appears that the victory goes to Arthit Ganghae from Saksiri Buriram TPS J.A. Racing Team with a total time of 13 minutes 12.804 seconds.

Defeat Phakapat Puengcharoen from CB Fiberglass Sittipol DID YSS Kitti Racing Team, second place only 0.605 seconds.

The third place belongs to Supakarn Phasuraphonkul from KL Kannit LKW Engine Oil VR Rap Racing Team, 0.968 seconds behind.

In this regard, the ORBRIC Superbike Championship 2023 will take place between 2 and 4 June at Chang International Circuit, Buriram Province.

As always, speed fans can follow the news at For more details, please visit the Chang Circuit Buriram and BRIC Superbike pages.

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