Oral Sex and Throat Cancer: Understanding the Risk Factors and Prevention

2023-11-01 20:37:30

Specialists recommend avoiding the cigarette habit and, for those who already have it, working to quit progressively. The reason is not of minor importance, since it is one of the most frequent causes of cancer, as explained by the Mayo Clinic health portal.

Throat cancer is more likely to develop in men. | Photo: Getty Images / Kinga Krzeminska

Now, a new explanation is generating uncertainty and refers to oral sex. A doctor assures that this practice constitutes a greater risk than smoking for developing this deadly condition. “Don’t be scared by it, be aware and know how to protect your health and well-being,” is the description with which she accompanies her argument.

“Are you saying that it has been proven that oral sex is the number one cause of throat cancer?” was the question of an Internet user who replied to the doctor, who on that network identifies herself as @sadovskaya_doctor. To this she responded with “say what I said,” according to the New York Post.

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However, for some time a trend has also been reflected among women, which raises an alert among the medical community and raises recommendations to the population. In that sense, this institute refers to the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and its higher incidence with what is also known as oropharyngeal cancer, although it is not very common.

Previously, some studies have suggested a link between oral sex and this disease. One of the analyses, cited by El País de España, was published in the journal Annals Of Oncology. This concluded that the preponderance is in men with 1.5% if they did not smoke. Having several partners increases the possibilities.

Which are the risk factors?

Mayo Clinic includes among the risk factors a diet low in fruits and vegetables, excessive alcohol consumption, high exposure to chemicals in the workplace, and viral infections that, as already mentioned, include human papilloma. .

For its part; The doctor at the Val d’Hebron Hospital, Juan Lorente, mentioned that over the years it is possible to perceive an increase in this type of cancer that is not prioritized only by smoking.

According to this specialist, quoted by El País of Spain, “the lower incidence of smoking and the generalization of certain oral-genital practices will cause these figures to begin to reverse” and sexual practices will appear first.

Another investigation was highlighted by the newspaper ABC and again points to the Human Papillomavirus among the main triggers. The professor in charge of this research, Hisham Mehanna, assured that the higher the number of sexual partners, the higher the probability of a disease.

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