ORI reveals that H1/65 sales have exceeded half of this year’s target, H2 opens 20 projects for 2.65 billion baht : InfoQuest

Mr. Peerapong Jaroon-ek, Chief Executive Officer of Origin Property Plc. (ORI), revealed that during the first half of the year 65 (Jan.-June), the company Cumulative sales from residential projects in the group totaled 17,772 million baht, growing from the same period of the year 64 to more than 13% and accounted for 51% of the full-year target of 35 billion baht.

from such sales Divided into sales from the condominium project group 73%, the housing project group 27% if divided by project status. The proportion of sales from ready-to-move projects is 61% and from projects that have just been opened for sale or are in the process of construction (on-going) around 39%. Nov.-June 2022). The company can generate sales of more than 9,623 million baht, which is considered the new All Time High of the company.

New projects that can generate sales continuously include condominium projects targeting the consumer market Gen Y, Origin Plug and Play, Sirindhorn Station and Origin Plug. And Play Nonthaburi Station (Origin Plug & Play Nonthaburi Station) has accumulated sales of more than 70%, and condominium projects that penetrate the high-end consumer market So Origin Kaset Interchange have Cumulative sales above 90%

At the same time, the new project, which penetrates the Niche consumer market in the Eastern Special Development Zone (EEC), Brixton Campus Bangsaen, can be sold out quickly in one month. Origin Plug and Play, Brixton and Zo Origin will be the new brands that were introduced last year and this year. But we continue to earn the trust of consumers. Because we do a lot of homework on Customer Insight, adapt quickly, adapt quickly, and develop each project to meet the needs of the modern market. Both making the Duo Space room with a ceiling height of 4.2 meters add a sense of grandeur. Extensive in life Launching of condominiums that can raise pets in various locations to the launching of campaigns to create colors and stimulate the market such as “Multiverse of Sales” and “Prorang Kern Pui Mui” at Siam Paragon Increase access to quality condominiums at an affordable price to consumers

In the second half of the year, the company continued to monitor a wide range of issues critical to people’s lives, economic conditions and the real estate market situation, such as the spread and severity of COVID-19. Omicron strains BA.4 and BA.5 Inflation situation Adjustment of Mortgage Interest Rates

However, the Company believes that both the public and private sectors involved Still actively moving forward in dealing with all of the above factors. While the purchasing power of consumers in many segments continues to grow Observed from the absorption rate of projects in many locations that still has a good trend

The company is ready to launch 20 additional residential projects in the second half of the year with a total project value of more than 26.5 billion baht as planned, divided into 10 condominium projects with a project value of approximately 15,600 million baht, spread across the Gen Z and Gen condo markets. Y, high end to super luxury market and a group of 10 housing projects with a project value of approximately 10,900 million baht, which is considered a heavy invasion during the high season After the first half of the year, only 2 new projects were launched.

from monitoring the situation and being ready to adapt to all external factors and readiness to continually penetrate the market The company is confident that will be able to generate sales of more than 35 billion baht and set a record All Time High as the target set

By InfoQuest News Agency (05 Jul 65)

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