Orix Baseball Announces Roster Changes During Second Notification Period

2023-10-30 13:36:22

During the second notification period, we organized the strength of 5 controlled players and 2 trained players.

Orix announced on the 30th that they have notified four players, catcher Takuma Nakagawa, outfielder Yamato Hirano, pitcher Takayoshi Tsujigaki, and catcher Tsujijuu, that they will not sign player contracts for next year. On the 28th, pitcher Daichi Takeyasu, pitcher Yasumi Ono, and pitcher Ryo Yoshida were also notified of being out of force, and during the second notification period, the strength was reduced to 5 players under control and 2 players in training.

[Table]More than 100 people who are not in active duty… Helpers are also free agents List of retirements, departures, reinforcements, and free contracts for 2023-2024

Taku Nakagawa joined the team from Toyohashi Chuo High School in 5th place in the 2020 draft, but he did not appear in the first team in three years. He batted .167 with a .325 OPS in 20 games on the farm this season. Hirano University was ranked 4th in training in 2019 and won control in July of this year. However, he only appeared in four games in the first team, and although he did get his first professional hit, he had a batting average of .200 with one hit in five at bats.

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