Orlando Berrío overcame a fungal injury for which he was hospitalized in Brazil | Colombians Abroad

In the last hours the complicated situation that Orlando Berrío went through in Brazilian territory became known.

The Colombian attacker, a player for América Mineiro, is recovering from a “fungal injury” in the region of the left tibia for which he was admitted to a hospital for several days, his club reported on Thursday.

The former Flamengo and Atlético Nacional player is “in general rehabilitation”, undergoing “periodic controls” and now “with the part of the leg very well,” said the head of the medical department of América-MG, Dr. Cimar Eustáquio, in an audio released to journalists.

The problem originated when, “for no apparent reason”, Berrío, 30, presented “a joint effusion” in the region of the left knee, with pain and swelling. After several examinations, the medical team went on to investigate the part of the tibia, where the presence of a possible “fungus” was detected, “a rare situation in the medical field,” according to the club in a statement.

The Medical Department contacted infectologists, who opted for the player’s hospitalization in order to start an “intravenous treatment.” The club did not specify how many days Berrío was admitted, although Eustáquio assured that the player, at all times, was “clinically and emotionally well” and “stable.”

According to the portal ‘ge’, of the Globo group, the Colombian was “about 15 days” admitted to a clinic in the city of Belo Horizonte. During that time, more tests were carried out that confirmed that it was a fungal infection.

Once the necessary medications had been administered intravenously, he was discharged in order to continue treatment from home. “He is in a well advanced recovery process. Taking oral medication, clinically well and without any problems,” Eustáquio guaranteed.

The doctor revealed that they did not inform at the time of their admission to the Berrío hospital because the board, the medical department and the soccer player decided by mutual agreement.

Berrío, champion of the Brazilian League and the Copa Libertadores with Flamengo in 2019, was announced as a new player for América Mineiro last July, but since then he has only played 27 minutes in two different games due to the physical problems that he has dragged on until today. .


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