Orlando will experience a hot Wednesday morning, according to the weather forecast | Videos | Univision Orlando WVEN

call daniel several timeswaterhouse to get him out of theWater. the fire department oforange county read and read to thecommenting on how he isweather forecast in thenext few hours because the heathas almost reached threeigitos yesterday, thechance of rain is verylimited. you have to prepare,hydrate, get dressedwith quite cool clothes becausethe heat is awesome.amber: womenrecommended that you take yourprecautions in a salonbeauty because the humidity, therain is no friend of ourshair. there are many things thatconsider. They waitsudden. you have to beready with the umbrellamano.gustavo: we keep monitoringconditions with ourmeteorologist karuska matos.Karuska: Happy Wednesday, what?nice to be accompanying you inthis wednesday this afternoonforecast rain storms andintense heat during the afternoon,the brand in orlando nearthe 90°, in the retro oftemperatures towards daytonabeach with 88° and towards melbourne85° with an easterly wind andsoutheast what this does is thatthe sea breeze already causessome rain and stormsafternoon hours, withcloud groups that arecausing downloadselectrical. the heat you baseprowling the zone which is usualof the summer also driveselectric shocks, but notno no go leave with severalconsecutive hours in the tripleegit.a las 12:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m.,2:00 pm an extremelyhot enter in degrees to105°, I’m estimating thatafter 3:00 pm increasecloud cover. for4:00 pm the index ofheat reaching 99°. musttake the kids with awater bottle su campsummer, pending thethose in sports, havecold pads and compressesheat index at 80° and thedehydration is enoughfrequent, when we reachabove 90° or 105°, which iswhat we will have todayheat index rangecramps can happenheat exhaustion heat,our muscles begin tofail and it is important to maintainrefreshed body. look for theshadow outside. the heat willstrong between 10:00 a.m. to6:00 pm at alan workeryoung man we will have the temperaturesin up to 105°. at a glancemeteorological model towardskissimmee, some of stormsthat will extend to the2:00 p.m. on the roadinterstate four toomay be affected, but they will bequite brief. I’m notseeing potential offloods and this patternrepeat for the rest of theworkweek. make amendsto start the newseason, temperatures withthat razor the intensity ofhot, several weeks leftconsecutive experiencingthese heat indexesthe symptoms of exhaustionheat strokes because it is the

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