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The 23-year-old Marathon Hoshidake won the “Osaka Marathon / Lake Biwa Mainichi Marathon Integrated Tournament” with a good record of 2 hours 7 minutes 31 seconds.

The tournament is a combination of the “Osaka Marathon,” which has established itself as a large-scale citizen marathon, and the “Lake Biwa Mainichi Marathon,” which has the longest history in Japan.
The first tournament to be integrated will be the cancellation of the general runner section, which was scheduled to be attended by about 20,000 people due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, and only the elite section by the top players in Japan will be held. I did.
The race proceeded as a large group up to around 30km, and at the end of the first marathon, 23-year-old Hoshi, 24-year-old Hajime Yamashita, and Yuhei Urano escaped.
Then, near the remaining 5km, Hoshi took the lead and kept the top as it was, winning the championship with a good record of 2 hours 7 minutes 31 seconds.
Hoshi said, “I was surprised because I wasn’t thinking about winning the first marathon. It’s a little overkill, but I’m very happy. It was exactly what I was aiming for, “he recalled with a smile.
In this tournament, including the winning star, Yamashita in 2nd place, Urano in 3rd place, Fumihiro Maruyama in 4th place, Naoki Okamoto in 5th place, Masato Imai in 6th place, and Yuki Kawauchi in 9th place. Meets the criteria set by the Japan Association of Athletics Federations, and the representative selection for the Paris Olympics next year, MGC =
I got the right to participate in the Marathon Grand Championship.

【Xingyue player】
The winner, Hoshidake, is 23 years old from Miyagi prefecture.
I went to Teikyo University from my hometown, Meisei High School in Miyagi, and have participated in the Hakone Ekiden for the third consecutive year since I was in the second grade.
When I was in the 3rd and 4th grades, I ran in the 2nd ward of the ace section.
Since graduating from university last year, I belonged to the business group Comic Minolta, and at the All Japan Business Group Ekiden held on New Year’s Day this year, I was assigned the longest section of 4 wards, even though I was a newcomer.
He started athletics in his first year of high school, and started practicing marathon in earnest around the fall of last year with the aim of the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics. I achieved the championship.

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