Óscar del Portal and Fiorella Méndez follow each other on Instagram and Andrea Arana explodes: “You can’t be so fresh and hearty” | A day at the mall | entertainment | SHOWS

The drivers of ‘One day at the mall They were more than indignant when they realized that Oscar del Portal y Fiorella Mendezwith whom he was supported by Magaly Medina’s cameras, continue to follow each other on Instagram despite the infidelity scandal they starred in several weeks ago.

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andrea arana He regretted that the production assistant wanted to make a ‘clean slate’ by traveling to New York to learn English and seek new directions without first completely disassociating himself from the sports journalist of América Televisión.

“His clean slate, his ticket to New York, everything he said, his description looking at the horizon, that everything was going to change, purely, She spent her ticket for the pure ones because there is something that delays her and that is that Óscar del Portal and she still follow each other on social networks. I think they want to continue with this lie that the one who doesn’t owe it doesn’t fear it and that’s why they shouldn’t stop following each other, but a little please “said Valerie Flores.

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For its part, andrea arana he called them stupid. what a big chump, the bills speak for themselves and are you going to come and tell me that there may be friendship between them? Not my queen, if her wife wants to be the ‘friend notice’, that’s her business, but one cannot be so fresh and so conchudo and this goes for Óscar del Portal… follow her on social networks? no, daddy”, said the host of ‘A day at the mall’ indignantly.

Andrea Arana and Valeria Florez attacked Óscar del Portal and Fiorella Méndez for maintaining their friendship on social networks despite their infidelity scandal.


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