Osvaldo Bazán made a live interview and explained the reasons for his abrupt departure from TN: “I wanted to continue…”

2023-12-28 14:33:58

After strong rumors that he was not going to continue in TN programming, this Wednesday, Osvaldo Bazán created a YouTube channel and there he provided details of his employment situation.

Finally there he explained that he will not continue in Just one more turn, a program he was a part of for years. According to what he revealed, one of the reasons was the incorporation of Jonatan Viale to the grid and programming.

Meanwhile, today, Thursday, the journalist will do his last program on TN. “As you know, Joni Viale is going to TN; Since he goes from 9 to 10, the two-hour 8 to 10 program is cut to a single hour. There are going to be a lot of steps and time between the hosts, so the program is going to have little time and in general it is going to be informative, and in a program like this I don’t have much to do,” he expressed on camera.

He also revealed how he found out that he was no longer on the station: “I am there to try to ask questions, chat and give my opinion, but I do not bring news to the program, there are others who do those functions and do them very well. When the channel decides this, they call me and tell me that they will not renew my contract.”

Visibly moved, he added: “I wish I had continued. First because I have a good time, second because I am interested in what I do and third because I have to work for something, I have to pay expenses and that, contrary to what people believe, not all those who work in television have exorbitant salaries” , said.

Osvaldo Bazán’s defense for not continuing in TN

Furthermore, the writer said that the channel expressed its intentions to work with him again: “I don’t know if it’s final. What they told me about the channel is that in February or March we will see how everything goes, I am still in TN plans, but for now the concrete thing is that tomorrow is my last program and I have nothing planned to continue.”

“I don’t have any other proposals for anything. I believe that companies have the right to decide the programming. Yes, I think it has something to do with the cut in the guidelines announced by Milei, a measure that I agree with,” he insisted.

Finally, Osvaldo concluded: “Many insist that I do things online. It’s a new world. I’m watching, I’m having fun because I see that there is a world that is absolutely incredible. Surely, I will do interviews on this channel. I would like to be able to talk to a lot of people without scheduling problems and all that stuff. If you want, you can follow me here, surely, I will have questions that have to do with politics because I like it a lot. For now this is where I am, later if another job appears, it will appear,” he concluded.

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