Our interview with the Eliminated Top Chef this Monday evening: “I should have pushed the plug further!”

This Monday evening, in Top chef on RTL-TVI, one of the star candidates of this season left the show with some regret. Warning ! Spoiler present in the interview of the eliminated …

“Roller coaster” effect for Mathieu, the Belgian candidate for Top chef. Noted for his daring and his know-how since the start of the season, the young 22-year-old Anderlecht was unfortunately eliminated at the end of the third episode of the culinary competition.

Sent as a last chance after an unconvincing dish around the potato, the foal of Philippe Etchebest and his “beloved pear” finally failed to win against “The good pear” of Arnaud Baptiste, candidate of the yellow brigade. “I am disappointed, of course. My elimination surprised the production but also the chefs , explains Mathieu who had a discussion with the four jurors, once the sentence fell. “We came back together on my journey in Top chef. They told me that at my age, it was already great to have come this far. But, also, that I was on the right track because I had a culinary universe, a personality and a strong character for this kind of profession.

During the first potato event, you teamed up with Matthias and Charline, winner of Object if Top Chef” . Do you think that the presence of the latter, less experienced, worked against you?

“Inevitably. When you’re in a team with someone hesitant and stressed, it’s not always easy to manage. She was surprised that Matthias took over the preparation of the condiments but we had to move on.”

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