“Out of the question”, “I would have the impression of sending my boys to the slaughterhouse”, …: the moms and dads who boycott the school speak out

Several parents testify and give the reasons why they decided not to put their child (ren) back on the school benches.

“No way our daughters go to school.”

This dad refuses to let his two daughters go back to school until the situation improves.

“We haven’t put our two daughters back to school. They won’t go. It’s out of the question! , tells us Alain Derijcke, 54, from Braine-l’Alleud. We believe that there is a health risk, that putting them back in school does not protect our children. The virus doesn’t stop at the entrance of a school at 8:20 am and until 4:15 pm My daughters will not go until the situation has improved and calmed downe.

Three weeks ago, his wife, Angélique, was hospitalized in intensive care at Chirec after contracting the Covid.


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