Outbreak of COVID-19 and influenza at the CHSLD de Lionel-Émond – TVA Gatineau-Ottawa

The Lionel-Émond CHSLD is still struggling with outbreaks of COVID-19 and influenza, after experiencing an explosion of cases at the height of the pandemic. 58 residents and 20 employees are infected with a respiratory virus.

The Lionel-Émond residential center has 4 deaths related to respiratory viruses. The infection remains active, with the appearance of new cases.

The CISSSO also reports 3 other CHSLDs across the Outaouais that are experiencing outbreaks. In all, centers in Maniwaki, Shawville, Hull and Lionel Émond have infections. However, we do not know the number of infections in these residences.

How to explain this situation? The CISSSO reminds that CHSLDs welcome families and friends of residents who travel there to meet their loved ones. This means that viruses can circulate. Also, residents walk outside.

“Families come, employees come. Residents go out, they go to their families, they go to restaurants. Unfortunately, this has entered our CHSLDs. 4 deaths in an outbreak as we have now, it’s much less than what it had before, but it remains that it is 4 too many “.

-Benoit major, director of support at the CISSS de l’Outaouais

Faced with this situation, the health spokesperson for the Liberal Party of Quebec, André Fortin, reiterates his request for the renovation of the CHSLD de Lionel-Émond. It was a promise made by the Liberal candidate for Hull, Maryse Gaudreault, during her last campaign.

“We have an issue at Lionel-Émond, it is a building that needs major renovation, which needs better conditions, which needs rooms better adapted to the reality of today’s viruses, which needs to also have a sufficient number of personnel”.

-André Fortin, Liberal MP for Pontiac

Visits are not suspended. However, if you experience symptoms, it is advisable to refrain from going to a CHSLD.

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