Overseas studios push the statue of Goddess Tifa “Jack-O Tifa” in “FF7 Remake”, as well as a version that can be loaded and unloaded | 4Gamers

The Tifa model statue “Jack-O Tifa Lockheart” made by overseas model studio EA Studio is currently available on overseas model sales sites FavorGK Pre-orders are underway, with shipments expected in the first quarter of 2023.

The meme about “Jack-O” squatting comes from the returning character “Jack-O” launched by last year’s DLC of “GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE-“. Lu Guang reverberated, and then formed meme graphic creations. Many anime characters have Jack-O squatting drawn by painters, even Tifa is no exception.

Now a gentleman who wants to collect a Jack-O Tifa model in reality can do so. The model is a 1/4 scale statue made by EA Studio, 36 cm high, 36 wide and 41 cm deep, except for the sexy squatting In addition to the law, there are also clothes-removable versions, as well as Claude’s sabotage sword, with a basic price ranging from $136.99 to $182.99 excluding shipping.



It’s worth mentioning that pre-orders on the FavorGK website may require a lot of additional shipping, so the actual purchase price of the model needs to be more than $500, and may be at the risk of flaws in the sale.

But even so, just seeing the three-dimensional Jack-O Tifa model is still unbearable.

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